NH Vital Records




Can the Strafford Town Clerk supply Certified Copies of Marriage, Birth, Divorce and Deaths?

Yes, the Town Clerk's Office can supply Certified Copies (Abstracts) with the following limitations:

All BIRTHS in New Hampshire from 1935 to present (except 1949 and 1950)

All DEATHS in New Hampshire from 1965 to present

All Marriages in New Hampshire from 1960 to present

All Divorces in New Hampshire from 1979 to present

All Civil Unions in New Hampshire from 2008 to present

All Civil Union Dissolutions from 2008 to present

Births, Marriages and Deaths that occurred prior to the dates specified above must be supplied by the Town or City where the Birth, Marriage or Death occurred.  If the event occurred in STRAFFORD prior to the above dates, the Strafford Town Clerk can supply that record.


Can I come to the Town Clerk's office and immediately get a Certified Copy of a record?

Yes, although it is helpful to call first if the event occurred before the above dates.  The record must be searched and entered into the computer system, which takes a few minutes.  If you call first, your wait at the Town Office will be shorter.


How much does it cost for a Certified Copy?

There is a $15 fee for record searching.  If the record is found, you will receive a certified copy.  If you require more than one copy of a record, each additional copy of the same record purchased at the same time is $10.  Checks should be made payable to Stafford Town Clerk. Requests should be mailed to:

Strafford Town Clerk, P.O. Box 169, Strafford, NH 03884


Who is entitled to request and purchase Certified Copies?

In order to search records or purchase Certified Copies of a record, you need to show proof that you have a "direct and tangible" interest in the record.  Individuals such as the registrant and immediate family are entitled to request copies. 


Can I call the Town Clerk's Office to request a Certified Copy of a record?

No.  All requests must be made in writing.


What paperwork do I need to bring to the Town Clerk's Office to request a Certified Copy?

When you come to the Town Clerk's Office we will have you fill out and sign a simple form.  You will also be required to show a photo ID (drivers license or passport).


What information do I need to provide, to request a Certified Copy by mail?

 The following information is required to request a Certified copy:

  • Vital Record Application Form, Signed and Dated - Click Here
  • Copy of your photo ID (drivers license or passport)
  • Telephone number or email to contact you with any questions
  • Payment


Where do I mail my request?

 Send request to:


Strafford Town Clerk

P.O. Box 169

Strafford, NH  03884


How long does it take to get a Certified Copy?

When you come to the Town Clerk's Office, it takes approximately 5-10 minutes to process your request.

If done by mail you should get the Certified Copy no more than 1 week after the Town Clerk's office receives your request.  Please keep in mind that the Town Clerk's Office is closed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


If you have questions regarding vital records, please call the Strafford Town Clerk's office at 664-2192 X102