Strafford, NH



BY PHONE: 603.664.2192 X 101

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BY MAIL: Strafford Town Hall

           ATTN: Ellen White, Town Administrator

           P.O. Box 23

           Strafford, NH 03884

 603.664.2192 x101  

Strafford Board of Selectmen

The Town of Strafford
12 Mountain View Drive
Strafford, NH  03884

Selectmen's Business Office

Monday through Wednesday

9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Town Selectmen

Lynn Sweet, Chairman Term Expires 2020
Scott Young Term Expires 2022
Bryant Scott

Term Expires 2021

Board of Selectmen’s Meetings

Every other Tuesday

5:30 PM


  2020 Selectmen Meeting Schedule:


Board of Selectmen -Meet every other Tuesday evening at 5:30 pm (unless otherwise posted)


January 14, 28                                                                                          July 14, 28


March   24                                                                                            September 22


April 7, 21                                                                                              October 6,20


May 5, 19                                                                                               November 3,11


June 2,16,30                                                                                        December 1,15,29





~The public is both welcome and encouraged to attend~



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